Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things That Piss Me Off...Thursday?

I lack the discipline to stay on task.  Obviously.  This is supposed to be a Tuesday theme, not a Thursday one...but whatevs.

I wrote about my son's fascination with boobs this week instead, and no one seemed to notice the regular post was missing because they were laughing too damned hard.

So, here we are a few days past where I'm supposed to be.  Playing catch up.

Here's a list of things driving me just to edge of insanity right now.

Cheaters and the people who defend them

There have been a few news stories in the last week that people are all kinds of fired up about.  That people automatically believe or disbelieve based on nothing more than an emotional reaction.  Then they fight with other people, with no real idea whether they are on the right side of the argument or not.

A prime example?  Lance Armstrong.

For years and years I wanted to believe that he was worthy of the pedestal people put him on.  I did.  Not just because of his racing, but more because of the fact that he fought and beat the same type of cancer my husband had. I rooted for him on the road enough, but I rooted for him and his wife in their attempts to get pregnant more, because I knew that exact struggle more than most people.

Then the doping allegations started, and he denied them of course.  He always denied them.  But he was too good.  Like Mark McGwire shattering a long standing record by a mile too good.  Sometimes there are witch hunts, and sometimes they just can't pin the crime on the perpetrator.

Then he left his wife and kids to date rock stars and I lost respect for the guy even more.  By then, he'd created the Livestrong foundation and done immeasurable good for the world of cancer, but it got harder and harder to look past his ego.

In the last week, he said he'd stop fighting the charges levied against him.  Stripped of his titles, people immediately came rushing to his defense.  Is he guilty?  I can't say.  I sure wouldn't assert his innocence, though, like some people have done.  Let's put it this way....when someone has been accused of something for well over a decade and vigorously asserted their innocence the whole time, then all of a sudden throws up their hands and stops fighting...there is a reason.  And there is a reason here.


I simply cannot stand people who preach and preach and preach to others about how to live their lives, about what is and is not acceptable behavior, what things you should never ever say, what words you should never use...then turn around and display the exact same behaviors they preach against.

I can't stand it even more when they encourage this behavior in their children.  The children they use as a reason to preach to others in the first place.

Assholes who don't watch where they are going

In front of the only driveway to my oldest son's school yesterday, there was a head on collision between two drivers.  One on her phone, the other one making a left turn without paying attention. In front of a school.  Full of kids.

In that exact moment, I was immensely grateful for the underground walkway the boys take to school, relieved that they aren't put in the path of idiots like those two.

Slow down, watch for kids, hang up the phone, put your makeup on before you leave the house, the thing you dropped on the floor can wait, STOP texting.  My babies are out there.


I have too damn much to do during the day as it is.  Trying to do it all while still recovering from pneumonia, dealing with angry lady part problems and a house full of kids who clearly haven't adjusted to early morning wake up calls is hard enough.  Trying to do it on a few hours of interrupted sleep is rough.  Really rough.

It's no huge shock that I have a short fuse lately.  I'm amazed I haven't hopped off the edge into the deep end yet.  If I've been more bitchy than normal, my apologies.

Over committing

This one is my fault, mostly.  Story of my life.  Yes, I will help you.  Yes, I will do this.  Yes, I will host this.  Yes, I will organize this.  Yes, I will lead this group.  Yes, I will coach this soccer team.  The coaching thing is my husband's fault, but I think I'm going to love it.  They are 3 and 4, so I don't have to worry about actually teaching strategy or anything, mostly I just have to keep them focused for twenty minute increments.

Herd the cats.

That, and I need to go shopping.  It's hard to be believable as a coach wearing flip flops and a denim skirt.  I need something sporty.  I'm not sporty.  I don't own sporty.  I am not sure I can pull off sporty.

One thing is certain, though.

Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

I've got a team of little kids to chase.

Wish me luck.  Wish us all luck.


  1. oh my you do my heart good. That Lance Armstrong thing has bugged us for years. I know your family and mine has a special "connection" to him. we also have a "cheat to win" bracelet from the ONion in honor of him. Jackass. ♥ you!

    1. Yeah...we have a different perspective than.most, that's for sure. I think I need to get one of those bracelets. <3 you back!

  2. I know what you mean about drivers, when in Walmart parking lot a crazy truck driving woman almost ran over my daughter who was holding my leg while I lifted her baby brother into the car.

    1. Had my stroller pinned to my van once. Why is it so hard for people just to pay attention?!?!

  3. Idiot drivers are one of my biggest pet peeves! When we had our car totaled with Trinity in it and me pregnant with Gabe, I about lost it on the guy who hit us. Thankfully everyone ended up okay; only Josh and I ended up beat up. But still. EYES ON THE ROAD.

    1. Wow...scary. Glad no one was seriously hurt. :(

  4. as long as you have a whistle and orange cones you are good coach.

    1. I've got I should be fine, right?

  5. Yes to all of the above...and I will add Non-Specific Leg Rashes to the list. The novelty is wearing thin for me. Send sandpaper. ;)

    Take a breather when and where you can, Kelly.

    1. I literally slept on damp sheets for months. I so feel your pain. Get better fast.

  6. I just love that you have a weekly "Things that piss me off" post. You are my role model!

  7. I have no theme to my posts. That's what pissed me off. Our school used to be on a 2-lane 35 mph road until they widened it to 7 and increased wooed to 40, which actually means 60 to some drivers. And Lance makes me crazy. I hate what he did to his family. Good post. Make a list of what's in your head before bed. No lights in your face (phone/pc) for 30 minutes before wind down. Try 3mg melatonin 30-60 before bed for a week. No fluids within an hour of bedtime. Also try magnesium citrate before bed too. Good luck. XOXO.

  8. Ohmyword i could not agree more with you! especially the over-committing...i have started to consider licking a shopping cart just to get legit sick so i can bail on crap i don't wanna do.

    1. I'll have to remember that next time I need an out. ;)


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