Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Good to be Queen

At least they are listening.  That's the good news.

I'll explain this later.

The kids, that is.

I want to believe that I am raising them to be civic minded people.  That they will be tolerant of the opinions of others, that they will be open minded, that they will do their own research before just believing what others tell them.  I want them to be critical thinkers, to have a firm understanding of why our city, state and country function the way they do.

As this is an election year, and there are the never ending political commercials on TV and the daily phone calls, they are keenly aware of the pull between the parties.

I've tried my best to explain how we live in a democracy, and how any functioning democracy depends on the existence of different opinions.  More than that, though, it depends on people with those opinions to be free to express them.

I had to laugh when I overheard them talking in the back of the car last night.

Aidan said something (exactly what, I'm not sure), and Ashley piped in with her thoughts. They argued about whatever it was for a bit, then she declared to everyone in the car that this is a free country and she can think whatever she wants.  That he can't tell her what to think.

If I wasn't in the fast lane of the freeway, I would have pulled over, opened the door and hugged her right then and there.

Taking this opportunity to pat myself on the back for being the kick ass mom that I am, I confirmed what she said.  She did indeed have every right to whatever opinions she wanted.  He couldn't tell her what to think.

Then I reminded them that while this country is indeed a democracy, our family is not.

Oh no.

Hell to the no.  This is not a democracy.

This is a dictatorship.

I am the law.

We aren't friends.  We aren't equals.  There is no voting.  I'm the parent, you are the child.  There are things, lots of things, that aren't negotiable.

Then I was thinking that maybe calling our family a dictatorship seemed a little harsh.  I'm not a tyrant.  Usually.  And I do give them plenty of input on the things I deem it appropriate for.

So, really, it's more like a constitutional monarchy.

I'm the Queen, obviously.  (even if I occasionally play the role of court jester)

They are my loyal subjects.

The commoners have some say, some representation, some power....but they report to me.

It is good to be Queen.

Now, if someone could force my subjects to pick up the cheese papers....


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