Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I could use a laugh right about now

I've said frequently in the last few years that if I lost my sense of humor, I would probably go crazy.  It's the truth, and often the only thing that keeps me upright is my ability to laugh.

There are times that nothing about life seems funny at all.

Like now.

I'm feeling more than a little overwhelmed lately, mostly a by-product of the fact that I was already emotionally exhausted before the latest challenges decided to show up.  Then, in the last two days, I've learned of the deaths of the fathers of two of my friends.  My heart breaks for them, for the choices they had to make, for the void that will never be filled again.  For those still in a place with choices to make.  For it all. There are few things in life more axis shifting than losing a parent.

My husband is struggling with the gravity of his injury.  We all are.  This isn't a broken bone that will heal in a few weeks and things will return to normal after a few speed bumps.  This is a major surgery, this is a long recovery.  This is a lot.  We'll get through it, we always do.  This is more than we have ever had to deal with, which is saying something given our family's extensive medical history.

I'll be trying to keep laughing, trying to find the humor in life, trying to take myself and my situations a little less seriously.  There will be days that I will not do a very good job of it, and for that I apologize in advance.

All the other times, I'll be forcing myself to laugh and dragging you all along with me.  And for that, you are welcome.

I saw this car on the way to pick my husband up yesterday.  It's a real thing, I promise. Not photo shopped at all.  An old beater of a car, it contained four grown, rather large men.  All different ages and races.  I really just wanted to flag them down, have them pull over and ask what the hell was going on.  How did you get in this car, how do you all know each other, where could you possibly be going???

And yeah, it's completely covered in doll heads.

I needed that laugh.


  1. Holy crap, that car is creepy but hilarious. And here's my favorite pun for you to (hopefully) laugh at. Please give it a chance, even though yes, it is a pun.

    Mahatma Ghandi, as you probably know, spent most of his life barefoot. This meant that he had significant callouses on his feet. He also spent long periods during his life fasting, which made him weak, and when he did eat, his exotic diet tended to leave him with bad breath.

    This made him a super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.

    1. That was so unexpected funny I can't even gather my thoughts to leave a proper comment.


      Nope, still laughing.

      Hang in there. We're here.

  2. I have no good jokes. I never have good jokes. They fly out of my head like -- see, and now I can't ever think of a good analogy.

    Love you.


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