Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer School of Rock - The Beatles

There are a handful of groups that would be an automatic mention on this list for anyone.  No matter your age or your personal interests in music, it's impossible to deny the importance of The Beatles.

I'll come right out and confess my biases here.  I don't love The Beatles.  I don't.  Gasp!  Never have liked them much, though I loved Lennon's work after the group broke up.  There are a few songs of theirs that I adore, but far and away, I don't like most of their stuff.

It's too cheesy, too sugarcoated, too teeny bopper for me.  At least the early stuff is that way.  I like the internally conflicted songwriters better than the ones trying to win over a girl.  I am more about the stuff that reflects the turbulent times of the 60's.

What they did, though, can't be understated.  They were a huge part of shaping music, not only in this country, but all around the world.

They wrote and performed, they each had a different charm and appeal, they made girls all over the world squeal in delight.

They had firm roots in the early rock and roll of the 1950's, but would touch several other genres over time.  They introduced classical instruments to pop music, they displayed the power of lyrics, they packaged and sold catchy tunes, they dipped their toes into psychedelic music.  Simply put, they did it all and set the bar high for everyone who would come later.

They've remained the best selling band in history, and are probably the most often cited inspiration by artists who came after them.
They have inspired a blockbuster musical.  They have their own version of Rockband, through which my children have all developed a deep love and affection of this band from Liverpool that formed over 50 years ago.

They are the legend against which everyone else will be judged forever.

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  1. Legends. Music today is impacted by the past geniusness of the Beatles.


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