Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday, round two

I had every intention in the world to write about something other than what I wrote about this morning.  Then I had completely spaced it.

What I had intended to write about wasn't so much a what as a who.

Rielle Hunter.

I wanted to like John Edwards.  Really, I did.  He played the role of loving father and supportive husband well.  He said all the right things, seemed genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of his ailing spouse, smiled at the right moments.

A real class act.

Except that he wasn't at all.  He was just another asshole cheating on his wife.  Using some delusional woman who believed that what they had was real.  Hiding her and sneaking around, seemingly using tons of campaign money to do it.

And it worked for a while.  Until she got knocked up.

She claimed one of his married staffers was the father, and everyone seemed to go along with it for a while, then she claimed someone else was the father.  Only after a fair amount of evidence of the affair had surfaced did Edwards admit to having been with her.  He denied paternity, though.

Why?  Because he's a liar.  And liars lie.

He eventually admitted paternity, around the time that his wife learned her cancer was terminal.

The family picture of dysfuction and narcissism.
Minus 4 other kids and his wife.
Now, both parties immediately involved here are entirely at fault for this sordid relationship.  The things that Edwards have done to his now-deceased wife and children are unspeakable.

What the wanna be lady Rielle is doing, however, is despicable.

She wrote a book, and is doing the full press circuit, though I wonder why any network would want to have anything to do with her attempt to profit off this.

She claims she is doing this for her daughter, that she wants her to know that she was conceived out of love.

The kind of love that involves sneaking around, sex tapes, denials of paternity, payoffs and betrayal.  The kind of love that destroys a family, ruins a political career and tortures an already dying woman.  If that's her idea of love, she is sorely mistaken.  That love, by the way, is officially over, just in time for her to finish up those interviews.  That's just so terribly convenient.

Clearly, she is only thinking about her child here.  Right.

She disgusts me.

She feels completely justified in everything she did.  She has drug Elizabeth through the mud, which would be bad enough if she were still alive, but is inexcusable given the fact that she isn't.

Besides which, how Elizabeth was portrayed by the slimy Mr. Edwards probably isn't all that accurate.  See the above point about how liars lie.  He would have said anything to get in Rielle's pants, and bashing his sick wife seems to have been acceptable in his eyes.

I will not be watching any interviews with her, I will not give any book she writes so much as a passing glance.  She is trash, trying to hit the jackpot, standing on the shoulders of a little girl who will never ever know what normal is.  And who will grow up in a world where her mother is so proud of her homewrecking status that she wrote a tell-all book about it.

Frances Quinn Hunter, I am sorry that you were born into this mess.  No child deserves this.


  1. Amen, sister. I totally share the dislike (putting it lightly, huh?!) you have for Rielle Hunter. Ugh, even saying the name makes me want to puke. I feel bad for her daughter. Hopefully she'll look at her mother and be nothing like her.

    1. This is my hope, too. This woman disgusts me, and it's a shame to see an innocent child tied up in this situation. Gah.

  2. It's a sad situation for the poor child. And the fact that her mother is choosing for the entire story to be public is even worse. One day that child will grow to read, and then what? Sad, sad, sad.


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