Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the hotter than hell edition

It's hot here.

Really f-ing hot.

It was 106 today, a degree hotter than it got in Denver.

There is just no good reason for that, especially considering that it's only June.

Consequently, I'm whiny.

It's so hot that it's even too hot to go to the pool.  You know it's too damn hot when you cross that threshold.

I don't do hot well.  Never have.  Don't ever anticipate doing so.  In fact, I was trying to figure out why old people retire to places like Arizona.  In the event that I ever have the means to move somewhere else to retire, it sure as hell isn't going to be somewhere that gets this hot routinely.

Maybe humans get more heat tolerant as they age?  Who knows?  I guess I'll find out, right?

It's blazing hot, and it seems like half the state is on fire.  I'm not kidding on that one.  Last I heard, there were 12 active wildfires burning.  I miss seeing the mountains without the veil of haze.  I want to be able to open the basement door without being assaulted by the odor.  I want to be able to send my daughter to girl scout camp without panicking half the time she is gone, worried that her asthma will act up something fierce.

Speaking of camp...

One of the leaders called Friday, the other didn't call until last night.  At like 6pm.  On the list of things my daughters need to bring???


Seriously, WTF?

At the top of the list of things I diligently try to make sure I keep OUT of my house are whistles.  It's not something we normally have around.  On purpose.  Which is why it would have been nice to know that more than 15 hours in advance of camp beginning.

Do people really keep whistles???  Aside from actual referees and P.E. teachers, what kind of people have whistles???

Of course by then, everything else was closed and I was stuck going to WalMart.

The only whistles there were the fluorescent orange whistles that hunters use.  Classy.

I needed to go anyway, actually.  I got all motivated to get some home improvement projects done, and stripped the old caulk out of the shower.  Was all set to put the new stuff in when I couldn't find a caulk gun.  Pretty much impossible to use the caulk without the gun.  Which would have been good information to have before I started the project.  


The biggest thunderstorm we've had in weeks decided to show up just as I pulled into the parking lot, taking the sweet opportunity to pelt me with hail as I ran through the parking lot.

I looked pretty damn ridiculous.

Honestly, though, who cares?  I was at WalMart at 9pm on a Sunday, covered in sweat and silicone with three wet children, one of which was wearing pajamas.

In other words, I was right where I was supposed to be.

I proudly walked out with my caulk gun, hunting whistles and a frozen pizza.  Just like the punchline of a really bad joke.


  1. At least one wasn't just in a wet soggy diaper

  2. Haha. Had to laugh at that mental image, sorry. My brother was a soccer ref in high school, and my mom banned him from bringing his whistles in the house. They're awful.

  3. I'm pretty sure it rains every time I pull into the Walmart parking lot.

    1. Like it should be a sign or something. LOL

  4. 106 degrees, WTF! I love your blog! Been following on Facebook for some time now! Now following here!!! I'm new to the blogging world. Would appreciate the follow back. Looking forward to reading yours some more! -Kat



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