Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 2

Day 2 ~

Now that you've shown us what you look like, now show us who you are!

Today's theme is a picture of something that tells me about your personality.  That gives some insight to who you are, what you love, and what you do.  Think hard, this one is tricky!

And no cheating with ecards or other images online, the submissions are supposed to be photographs taken today....though I happen to think this ecard I made describes me perfectly.

Which reminds me....I have a board at someecards too, and you can check out my creations here.  I forgot to add that link to the post yesterday.

Sorry, I got distracted again.  ;)

Back to the show me a picture of something that says a lot about you.

Here's mine.  Promise you won't laugh?
OK, apologies.  I know you have a foot aversion thing.

These are my feet, perpetually be-flip-flopped during the entire year (even though I live in Colorado), with the tan lines to prove it.  I am a California girl to the core, and live in my flip flops.   (Incidentally, be-flip-flopped is a word.  I just invented it.  Hey...someone invented the word bedazzled.  It's my turn.)  If it's above 20 degrees, I'm in them.

These tan lines say a lot about me, just like my feet in general do.   I'm outside all.the.time.  Four kids will do that to a person.

I am sporting one broken big toenail from yard work, the other is growing out after being smashed by a fit throwing child who dropped a chair on it.  I tried to paint them for you, and this is as good as it gets.

My pinkie toenails are bizarre, almost non-existent and just plain strange.  They refuse to conform, no matter what I do.  A bit like me in general.  Nonconforming.

My toe ring has been there since my freshman year of college, and there it will stay until the day I die.  It's just a part of me, and the only jewelry that I never ever take off aside from my wedding ring and solitaire earrings my husband gave me the day we got married.  It's firmly attached.

Though the picture doesn't show it (god, I hope it doesn't...seriously, don't zoom in on this one), my feet are like me.  Rough around the edges, calloused and tough underneath.  They've been through a lot, and it shows.  They have another side though, the side you see here.  The side that is weak and vulnerable, but that I show to the world without hesitation.

Your turn.  Show me something that tells me who you are.

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