Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo Challenge - Day 19

Day 19~


The last two years, I have posted very similar pictures this time of year for this theme.  The hands of my children, forming a circle, their wrists all decorated with Livestrong bracelets.

The latter of the two pictures now holds permanent residence on the left margin of my blog.

It's a picture I keep close to my heart.

The four babies that my husband was never supposed to be able to have, united in memory of their grandfather.  Cancer can suck it.

This year, I chose something different, though it has a connection to cancer all the same.

I took this holding my cell phone upside down, as my husband and I walked hand in hand on the survivor/caregiver lap of the Relay this past weekend.

All those years ago, we needed each other.  

We do now too, maybe more than ever.  

I love this man, and I'm holding on tight.  

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