Saturday, June 30, 2012

2nd Annual Photography Challenge Contest!

Here are 20 of my favorite pictures from the challenge!  It was so hard to choose with so many amazing photos!


These are the nominees for the contest.  Each will be captioned and then numbered, at random.  To vote, please click on your favorites in the poll.  It is on the left margin of the blog.

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You can vote for more than one picture if you'd like, I will set it up so that you may vote for one or all of them.  The voting will end at Noon MST, Saturday, July 7th.

Anyone who visits this page can vote, so get your friends to join!

The winner will receive two bottles of OPI nail polish!

Good luck!!!
1. Michelle Lumpkin, Purple Daisy

2. Alisa Lansdale, Wrapped in love

3. Jen Celusta, See my finger???

4. Vanessa Brookman, Arizona Sunset

5. Kim Lehman, Walk like an Egyptian

6. Tami Simon, In the palm of her hand

7. Ginger Park, Woodrow

8. Lisa Evans, Just Hitched

9. Brandi Greff, Curly

10. Cindy Hayes, Smiles

11. Jennifer Maidl, Hi-yah!

12. Homespooled, You are my sunshine

13. Emily Severin, Family

14. Brigette Rodriguez, Wonder  Wo-MAN

15. Lisa Weber, Strings

16. Terry Laidlaw, Skater Boy

17. Diane Haley-Joseph, Love & Marriage

18. Susan Lindgren, Roses

19. Laura Capra, Strength & beauty

20. Melanie Lambert, Up in the air

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