Monday, April 16, 2012

Who volunteers for this crap?

In my life, I've known a great many people who have had to endure serious medical crises.

Who found themselves weakened, tethered to tubes and monitors.  Who were at the mercy of machines and technology just to sustain them.  Who wanted nothing more in the whole wide world than to get well enough to get off those machines.

Who wanted to be disconnected and free and independent and strong.

In a word, healthy.

I know that I come from a place with a few more miles in this department than most people.  I've been through a lot.  My family has been through a lot.  My friends have been, and are going through a lot.

I'll admit that I have biases here, but I don't think they are shaping my opinion of this entirely.  I don't think I'm the only one who would be shocked and appalled by this.

Who wouldn't be sickened that we live in a society that would encourage women to go to these extremes?  Who wouldn't be sad for the women who choose this?  Who wouldn't be outraged that there is a licensed physician, a so-called medical professional who took a sworn oath to first do no harm, is the one authorizing this?

Women, many of them brides-to-be, are going on the K-E Diet.  Disappointed that plain old diet and exercise isn't getting them to the magic number on the scale, they are seeking out treatment from a physician who will connect them to a NG feeding tube.  

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No, I am not making this up.  These women are forgoing eating entirely for 10 days at a time, and voluntarily having a tube shoved up their nose and into their stomachs for nourishment.  The same treatment reserved for the sickest and weakest is now a diet.  

Young and healthy women are willfully walking around like cancer patients just so they can drop a few pounds.

Society's pressure on women to be perfect and thin and beautiful is even more for brides to be, it's true.  That idealized image of the day where everything is exactly as it's envisioned.  It's a joke, honestly.  It's a bunch of lies conjured up to sell magazines and designer dresses.  

A wedding is ONE day.  A marriage, at least in theory, is supposed to last forever.  The foundation of a solid marriage is two people who have their priorities straight, who value themselves, who accept their partner.  Nothing about crash dieting like this says that.  It says that being thin is more important than anything else, that being a thinner version of them is always more valuable than however they are now, that these women are judging themselves, that they are afraid of others judging them purely on something physical.

Seriously, how many weddings have you been to where someone asked the bride what she weighed that morning?  No one cares.

There is no such thing as perfect, and if this is what you feel you have to do to try and get to perfect, there is a serious need to re-evaluate your thinking.

It's bad enough that women feel this desperate need to be thin.

It's abhorrent that there is a physician who packaged and marketed it.


  1. This is horrible. You know how we talk about heading toward the time of The Hunger Games? This is one of the signs. Pure craziness.

  2. I've discussed this with a few people today. I refuse to link to the GMA "news" report because this kind of self-mutilation needs no more spotlights. I agree, this physician sanctioned eating disorder is beyond wrong.


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