Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's a kid got to do to get some candy around here?

My son has no interest in going to see the Easter Bunny and taking a picture.  None.  Whenever someone brings it up, he cringes and makes his I'm so not comfortable with this idea face.

He is fairly certain the Easter Bunny has beady red eyes and sharp teeth.

I can't say I blame the kid, to be honest.

The Easter Bunny is terrifying.

As I was scouring the internet for web gems this week, I found quite a few pictures of children terrified by a giant stuffed rabbit.

Seems there is no way to make a bunny mask that isn't the stuff of nightmares.  I think we'll skip the mall this year and jellybeans will just magically appear without the furry freak.

What do you think?

Want some candy, little girl?

1 comment:

  1. they are creepy it is one I avoid every single year at the mall...I will walk extra just to avoid it


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