Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - Dreams and Barfing and Liars, Oh My!

It's Tuesday.  I'm exhausted.  This is the best I can do to get riled up today.
When I woke up this morning, my husband informed me that I'd been moaning in my sleep.  Not the happy kind of moans, either.

Which is awesome.

As if I don't have enough anger, frustration and conflict in my conscious hours, now I get to do it in my sleep too.

That pisses me off.  I don't remember whatever it was I must have been dreaming about, but at this point it's not like it matters.  I don't ever wake up feeling rested anymore.

I'm annoyed by all the parents of the world who send their kids to school sick.  To parties sick.  To activities sick.  I don't understand it.  I probably tend towards the other extreme, trying to keep them home whenever they might be contagious.  It's not a perfect science obviously, no mom has an actual crystal ball to predict when someone could start barfing.  But there is a fundamental difference between misreading subtle signs of impeding illness and intentionally giving your kid tylenol to knock their fever down and sending them into a room full of as-yet uninfected kids.

And yeah, I actually know people who do it.

I'm being slowly driven mad by the fact that I can crack the whip one day and have the kids clean up the house, but it's not worth my effort.  Within mere hours, it's back to looking like a bomb exploded over it.  My darling youngest daughter came home from school one day last week, looked around the newly vacuumed house and asked me why I cleaned.

Why, indeed?

The kid has a point.

The cat seems hell bent on making me crazy.  His happiness at being rescued and safe and secure at home was short lived, and now the only thing he wants in the whole wide world is to escape.  He's like a cat ninja, hiding and waiting for someone to open the door so he can get out.  I don't have the time or energy to be chasing a cat all day, particularly one that seems to derive such pleasure from making me nuts.

I'm pissed off at genetics.  I wish that my kids didn't have to suffer with bizarre allergies, thanks to the wonders of being my child.  My three year old is currently sporting a scalp full of welts after reacting to colored hair spray.  How he hasn't scratched all his skin off yet, I'm not quite sure.

And, finally, I'm tired of being lied to.  I'm so very tired of being lied to.  Misled.  Deceived.  I'm tired of people blaming other people for their choices.  I'm tired of the lies spinning out of control, growing and multiplying, one more to cover the previous, until it becomes so huge and murky that you start wondering if there is even any truth left in the world.  I'm not a liar.  I've never been a liar.  I have no reason to lie to anyone.

Other people, though, seem to have all the reason in the world to lie to me.

So if anyone ever wonders why I've become so cynical and jaded lately, there's a reason.  There's a lot of them, actually.

And I think this morning, that's what pisses me off more than anything else.  That I've been changed by the lies of others.

The wisdom of my brother for you all this morning:

If it hurts, take comfort in the fact that it means you are still alive.

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