Friday, April 6, 2012

Only because it's Good Friday...

I'm getting all controversial again.   Can.Not.Help.Myself.

If you line up on the other side of my views generally, you may want to let this one go.  I welcome all comments, of course, but can guarantee there is nothing anyone can say that will shift my views on this subject. At all.

Here in the lovely state of Colorado, we have this machine known as Focus on the Family.  They play the role of a family centered Christian church based organization.  I say they play the role for one reason and one reason alone.

They, like many other Christian fundamentalist groups, often hold up the Bible as a sword and shield, using it to attack other people, completely justifying what they are doing.  In doing so, they ignore the bigger messages of Christ's teachings.

Focus on the Family came out publicly opposed to the anti-bullying movement a few months back, saying that it was the equivalent to indoctrination.  That teaching tolerance of homosexuals in particular sent children the incorrect message about what was and was not appropriate.  That anti-bullying rhetoric was essentially the promotion of the homosexual "lifestyle". 

Now, they are planning a counter protest to the already scheduled "Day of Tolerance" on April 20th.  They call it a "Day of Dialogue" and plan to try to quiet the anti-bullying campaigns effort to indoctrinate children, to promote homosexuality and transgender issues.

Although I'm not exactly a practicing Catholic these days, I am well aware that today is Good Friday.  The day that Jesus died for our sins.

Jesus, that guy they talk and talk and talk about, these religious people.

Him and his father, God, and that book written about what they want.  The one they throw in other people's faces, the one the use to attack the bullied youth of this nation.  That book.  It's the same one that contains  some of the most important lessons Jesus taught.  The ones they ignore.





There must be some fine print in the Bible I've never read that means you only have to apply those values to the things you like.

I saw this picture last week and laughed.  It wouldn't be funny if it wasn't true.
Every so often, these people, the ones bashing others over the head with the good book....they should take a second to actually read it.

Especially on days like today.

To be honest, I'm pretty sure Jesus would be pissed.


  1. It really is true. Having lived in Colorado for 12 years, I am familiar with this group and their crazy messages. Its amazing how there are plenty of people that say they are spreading the word of the Bible, but what they are doing/saying/messages they are spreading are contradictory of important messages in that same book. Your post reminds me a little of the Army Wives episode that I just watched this weekend... and four days later this quote is still with me. "Everyone lives with an element of risk in our lives. But we don't have to live with ignorance and fear." - Roland, Army Wives

    Thanks for putting it out there! I love your blog!

  2. Love this. If you're not a fan of Reddit already, I recommend it. Lots of great (and disturbingly accurate) pictures like this.

  3. I would pay you to try listening to a Flatirons message - everything you just wrote is what they preach.


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