Sunday, April 15, 2012


If you pay attention, really pay attention, there are lessons to be learned in the unlikeliest places sometimes.  Bizarre parallels to our lives exist in areas you'd never think to look for them.

For roughly 36 hours this week, our newest addition was lost.  The kitten.  He's figured out how to operate the dog door, and our constant efforts to try and keep him indoors aren't working.  Up until he disappeared, he'd never gone much further than our yard.  

He'd hide under the bushes and hunt leaves blowing in the wind.  He watched the sky filled with birds in wonder.  He discovered new things.  The things an indoor cat would never have known.  Grass, sand, trees.  It was a whole new world, and he went out a little more into it with each day.

He always came home every night. 

Until he didn't.

We'd had a thunderstorm one night, and feared that he got scared and ran.  He, like someone else I know, ran.  Away from home, away from security and love, into the darkness.

Then he couldn't figure out how to get back home.

Also like someone else I know.

I knew he was gone before the kids figured it out.  I halfheartedly started looking, knowing all too well that once a cat disappears, they don't always come back.  We've had foxes looking for food, aggressive dogs live in the area.  I wasn't sure we'd ever see him again.  The kids were more determined.  

The kids gave me a reason to try.  

They made me want to find him, even if our efforts didn't work.  Even if it was all for nothing.

After a few hours of knocking on doors and cruising the neighborhood, I spotted a ball of orange fur under a car a few streets over.  

At first,  I don't think he realized who we were, he was so scared.  Then it clicked, we'd come to find him.

He was home.  

Now, the cat who always wanted out is perfectly content to stay home.  He curls up in our laps and purrs and just can't get enough of the love he took for granted.  Everything out there seemed so exciting and fun, but it just turned out to be dangerous and scary.

Though I'm sure this story seems like a bit of a stretch to most of you out there, a few of you will see the parallels I'm talking about.  

Forgetting why he needed those who love him, he got lost.  He's back, and only because he was gone, he sees what he ran away from.  He sees what he took for granted.  He wants to stay.  


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