Friday, April 27, 2012

The last thing I need right now...


My life is insane.  Truly.

Enough to push any otherwise sane person right up to the edge sometimes.

I'd like a month off from it.  A day even.  To not have to worry about anyone or anything else other than myself for just a little while.  It wouldn't even matter where I was, I don't need an exotic vacation destination with a shimmering pool and a cabana boy bringing me drinks with tiny umbrellas in them, though that would be quite fantastic.

I could be just about anywhere other than here right now, and I think that would be good enough.

Who wants to run away with me?

Ha ha that's even an option.

A few days ago, my husband was helping run a program to teach middle school students about budgeting and money management.  He had one student tell him that he never wanted to grow up.  It didn't sound like very much fun to be a grown up.

It's not.  I'll vouch for that.

So, when you're in a place like I am now generally, it doesn't take much to make you insane.

Waking up every morning to see what I see every morning isn't helping.

You see, I have this dog here temporarily.  It seems like I always have a dog here temporarily.  My tag line should really be Blogger.Mom.Superhero.Dogwatcher.

The dog that's here for now is a completely neurotic animal.  Separation anxiety galore, and she's afraid of her own shadow.  Her way of self-soothing is to chew stuff up.

My youngest child has learned the hard way that he can't leave his army men out or they'll end up decapitated.

So we clean up the toys.

She doesn't need toys though.  She'll chew up anything.  Literally.  If she can't find anything to her liking, she'll chew up toilet paper and tissues and paper towels and newspaper and any other paper substance she can find.  She doesn't eat it, though.  She shreds it, then scatters it.

Can't leave her outside because she'll dig under the fence.  She has nowhere else to go.  She's just determined to make me crazy, one tissue at a time.

Like I need this right now.

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  1. Hang in there. This too shall pass. I recommend baby gates.


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