Sunday, April 8, 2012

The assault on women's rights

If you aren't outraged yet, you should be.

I'm not exactly sure how or why the current political climate is one so vehemently opposed to women's rights, but it is.  

The birth control hearings on Capitol Hill were just the most blatant part of this three ring circus, run almost exclusively by men, all poised to threaten women around the country.  

Some of those advocating for the restrictions on birth control and abortion and even equal pay are loud and boisterous about it, scheduling press conferences and stumping during television interviews. 

More dangerous than that, though, are the ones who are doing it quietly.

Signing bills in offices without even issuing press releases, quietly undermining women's health choices and re-installing the glass ceiling.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker did just that this week.

Thursday and Friday, he signed over 50 bills.  

These signings have been the latest source of outrage, of rights being stripped away from women quietly, behind closed doors.

In response, Democratic representative Kelda Helen Roys issued the following statement.

"Perhaps he thought that in doing this behind closed doors, with no public notice, before a holiday weekend for many families, his actions would go unnoticed. He was wrong. We will not be silent - these issues are too important to ignore." 

She's correct.  These issues are too important to ignore.  

American women are at a crossroads this year.  We can choose to allow men to dictate our lives behind closed doors, or we can refuse.  This is a democracy, and we can change this course of events.  We can, and we should.

If not for ourselves, for our little girls.

These men have made a grave mistake.  

They've underestimated the power of a nation full of pissed off women.

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  1. I think they forgot to read their history book. Women are so powerful a force that their voting power after earning the right to vote helped pass prohibition of liquor...of course that all backfired on em....but it shows the power of women and their voting ability


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