Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The post where I bitch about parking

There are a few of you who knew this was coming.

It's a frustration that I've heard expressed by many parents from all over the country, so I know this issue isn't contained only to our school.

The parking situation at school is ridiculous. When they built the school, and the parking lot to go with it, they built a smallish lot.  The first few years the kids went there, it wasn't too bad.  You could easily get a spot unless you showed up seconds before the bell rung, and it didn't take 20 minutes to get out of the lot when you were trying to leave.

Then the school open enrolled, and open enrolled, and open enrolled.  There are well over 500 kids at the school now, and guess what?  The parking lot didn't get any bigger.  Now there were just more parents fighting for spots.

People started inventing spots.   Started parking parallel along the back row, so that if you were parked in the actual marked spots, you were an unwilling captive until they moved.  The ends of the rows grew by one car, sometimes two.  There are a few parents who apparently have just declared the non-spots are "their" spots and park there on a daily basis.

Then there is the drive-up lane.  Also known as the fire lane.

Intended to be for quick drop offs and pick ups, it's become a parking lot too.  Even though the curb is painted red all the way around the lot, it must not mean no parking in the eyes of some people.  Or they are color blind.  They could all be color blind, right?
Notice that there is no exception
for "special people".
They park there, often when there are plenty of open spots in the lot, get out and walk to get their kids, leaving their cars blocking not just all the other parents trying to get in or out, but also the potential fire trucks that might have to save someone or put out a fire or something else significantly more important.

The ones that park in the exit row of the fire lane are truly my favorite....because they make it harder for everyone to leave.

Every once in a blue moon, the police show up and hand out warnings.  I don't know that they've ever issued tickets for the infractions in the lot.  They are too busy harassing the parents waiting in the loop above school on a city street.

The HOA in the neighborhood of the school has declared that no one can park in their bump-outs, and they've got the obnoxious signs to go along with it.  Never mind the fact that those homeowners bought houses across the street from a school and should have had a reasonable expectation of busy we did when we lived behind an elementary school.   It's not like the school just popped up after they closed escrow.

The parking lot has gotten so bad that most veteran parents don't even park there anymore.  They park on the neighborhood streets and walk.

It doesn't help that everyone is in a hurry, everywhere they have to go is far more important than patience, and everyone always needs to get out of their way.  A few kids were hit by cars last year, and I was almost run over, stroller and all, when AJ was a baby.  I have had my car backed into twice.

I honestly think the police should just hang out, unannounced, every so often...and actually hand out tickets to the people speeding in the lot, the people parked in the fire lane, the ones who invent spaces all over the place.

They need to do something.

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  1. we have BEGGED for tickets to be handed out. maybe one day.


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