Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mad Blog Love

I've been sitting here for a good half hour now, staring at a blank screen.

All the things I would write today wouldn't be good ones, that much I can promise.

So I won't write.

Instead, I am sharing some of the best things I've read this week by my fellow bloggers.

Mad love.

Tammy wrote a moving piece about the part of the Trayvon Martin case that no one seems to be talking about on her blog, Partly Sunny, Chance of Rain.

Katy talks about embracing who she is now, right now...and though I only found her site about a year ago, I'm rooting for her every single day.  She's real and honest and completely hilarious, and you can find her on her blog, I Want a Dumpster Baby.

Kelly discusses how she arrived at this place in her life as a mother, and how the ordinary is far more extraordinary than we give it credit for being on her blog, How I Learned to Wear a Dress.

Lynda wrote a post that hit a little too close to home, about cancer and all that it takes from us on her blog, If Only She Had Applied Herself.

Kara admitted her lack of knowledge about all things Star Wars and toys with the idea of embracing the series (and it's dark side) on her blog, Life From the Dark Side of Aurora.

Megan started a 31 day self portrait challenge, and I ended up spending over an hour one morning reading through her blog.  I have a feeling we'd get along just fine in real life.  Check her out on her blog, oh....Boys!




And send them comments and more followers.  Us bloggers....we love that stuff.

Happy Saturday!


  1. How did I just see this? That's embarrassing. Buries head in sand...


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