Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kicking myself

People sometimes give me crap for being an overachieving mom.

I kick myself for it too.

I'm not habitual about it or anything.  I don't prepare perfect organic lunches for them with little love notes every day.  I have grand plans for that at the beginning of the school year, then soon enough they are taking leftovers and whatever fruit happens to be in the house.  They may or may not have napkins, and there isn't hardly ever anything cute written on them.

I don't have elaborate birthday traditions like some people I know.  There are no wake-up birthday songs, no balloons in the doorway, no number shaped pancakes.  They get to pick what they eat for dinner that day and have some kind of party...but I figure that's enough.

I don't over-do every class party.  I'm perfectly content to sign up for chips and show up at the last minute.

I think most moms have a degree of crazy.  Something that we attach more importance to, so we make sure to make whatever that thing is awesome.

For some moms, it's birthday pancakes.  For others, lovingly packed lunchboxes every morning.

For me, it's the off-beat holidays.  The ones I claimed years ago.  The ones that no one fights me for.  The days that my kids get to puff their chests out a little at school and proclaim they have the most awesome mom ever.

I don't care much for the Christmas stuff.  I love the holiday, but everything about it is excessive doesn't need my help to be over the top.  Thanksgiving is just a day spent in the kitchen in my book, never really been a big deal.  This year is honestly the first one that I've ever put real effort into Valentine's Day cards, usually it's the store bought ones and forcing the kids to sign their names against their will.  I could take or leave Easter.

I'm all about the other days.

One of them, Halloween, seems to get bigger and bigger every year.  It's a full blown Hallmark holiday nowadays, complete with decorations and parties and cards and fancy costumes ordered from overpriced retailers.  It's always been big here though.  We have boxes and boxes of Halloween stuff in the basement.

Our family themed costumes have only gotten more and more elaborate over the years.  I keep waiting for the day that the kids don't all want to play along, but it hasn't come yet.  Until then, I pledge to completely over-do the holiday.

I vow to conspire with my mother in law months in advance to start assembling costumes.  I vow to swear my children to silence about the theme.  I vow to decorate my house no later than October 1st.  I vow to make them corny food like mummy dogs and witches brew.  I vow to participate in the Halloween costume parade.

There is another holiday I lay claim to, this one even more obscure than Halloween.  St. Patrick's Day.

It helps that I'm actually Irish.

For reasons I can't fully explain, it's always been a big deal here.  I spent 5 years cooking corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and potatoes for not just my family, but for the entire preschool.  I wanted the kids to learn that there was more to being Irish than leprechauns.

I've tried to get to the nearest St. Patrick's Day parade for as long as I've had kids, even if I have to go by myself with the kids since it's tax season.

The leprechaun comes to our house and does naughty things.  He dyes the milk and the toilets green, he turns the furniture upside down, he sprinkles green glitter everywhere, and he hangs the underwear from the ceiling.

Every year, the kids have constructed more and more elaborate leprechaun traps, but have yet to catch him.

Last year was the first year I didn't have a preschooler and I racked my brain what I could do instead.  The kids just expect me to do something for their classes for St. Patty's Day.  So I made these.
Plain frosting on top

Rainbow surprise inside
I set the bar too high last year.  I've got a few days to come up with something awesome this time.

Off to conference call the leprechauns....

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  1. Good luck coming up with something! Here's a page with some fun St. Patrick's Day ideas: It was directly under your post in my blog feed- maybe it's a sign! Ha.


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