Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it too much to ask?

I got annoyed yesterday.

Really annoyed.

I have this thing about people who choose to have children, but have no interest in actually parenting them.
Drives me crazy.

In between running here and there, I have about 40 minutes to kill with 3 of the kids.  It's not enough time to bother coming home, not enough time to really do any errand running.

It is enough time to head to the nearest park and let them get some of the extra energy out of their systems though.

Incidentally, I am quite grateful for daylight savings time this week for this very reason.

I took the kids to a different park than the one we normally kill time at.  The one that they can never remember the name of, just that it has the big, big. big slides.

As soon as we got out of the car, I suspected there was going to be a problem.  A couple large families worth of kids were there already, and a handful of the girls had decided the slide was theirs.  They could climb up it, refuse to let anyone near the top of it, yell at anyone who came up the stairs, then cry to mommy and daddy when someone made it down the slide and ran into them.

You'd think after this cycle repeating a few times, the kids would catch on.  Slides go down.  You can't climb up them, particularly when the park is crowded.  If you choose to climb up the spiral slide, you're taking a risk that some kid at the top who can't even see you, may run into you.

But, no.

The girls yelled and screamed, barked orders from the top of the slide, cried to their parents when they got a face full of shoe from some other kid.

Did mom or dad ever get up?

Eventually, I edged closer and closer and closer to the slide until I was practically standing at the bottom.  I'd holler up to the kids at the top to make sure they waited for the others to move, then say loud enough in my syrupy sweet mommy voice for everyone in the park to hear that we only go down slides.

One of the girls started giving me the stink eye.

You know I gave it right back to her, with a smile on my face.

Eventually their parents all tired of being there, since sitting and doing nothing really is such hard work, and gathered up the kids and left.  More cars pulled up just as they left, and by the time we left, the park was more crowded than it started.  It was more crowded, but far more peaceful.  Difference being, all the new kids had parents that actually supervised them.

Get off the bench, people.

It's really not too much to ask.


  1. Ugh! THANK YOU! I work at making sure my child doesn't act like a bully in any way shape or form, so I expect the same of other parents, especially when they are around. I'm not QUITE as nice as you when I call a kid out on their actions hahaha ;)

  2. I call it, "Off Your Ass" parenting!


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