Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rants, Rage & Other Reasons I Need MORE Coffee today

Watch out now.

There's a bitch in my house today.  Other than me, that is.

No, really.

An actual bitch.  I'm not offending her.  Honest.
She doesn't like to have her picture taken.
She's a dog and she's a girl.  By definition that makes her a bitch.  She's here for an extended visit at the Casa de DeBie.  And she's neurotic and needy as hell.   (Which really just means that she fits in well around here)  She's been here before and she'll settle down in a few days...there just won't be a whole lot of sleeping going on until she chills out.

She's still working out the ground rules with the kitten.  Kitten seems to be winning thus far.  Kitten does not realize he's outweighed by a good 100 pounds....but neither does the neurotic bitch.  So, for now, everyone is in agreement about the hierarchy in the house.

Since I've been caught up in the 30 Days of Random Questions Challenge and dealing with the anniversary of my dad's death, I haven't really had time to write my normal stuff.  Which is bad.  It tends to build up and then a post like this one happens.

I'm going to have a venty good time today.

* I'm annoyed as hell that this girl is back in the news today.  Poor, sweet, innocent Sydney Spies and her mother are begging for a 16th minute of fame.  Sorry, you can't dress like a porn star and force the high school yearbook to use that picture.  And no, their election to use your school ID picture is not bullying like you are now claiming it is.  It's just good judgement.  Get over yourself.  Besides, I'm sure you've locked in a great future in the adult entertainment business after this publicity stunt.

* I'm glad that JCP is sticking to it's new philosophy of treating all people the same, and refusing to cower at the will of an online ultra-conservative mom's group (which, by the way, probably has nowhere near a million members).  There is now a group on Facebook directly targeted at the opposition of this group. go, girl.

* I'm glad that a self-righteous teenager's attempt to ruin cookie sales for the Girl Scouts didn't work.  Proof that youtube can reveal that you aren't right....just that you're sheltered and judgmental about things you know nothing about.  Boycotts only work if they are done for the right reasons.  This clearly wasn't one of them.  One of the things I love most about the Girl Scouts is the notion that every girl scout is a sister.  Race, religion, background, family situation, none of that matter.  Nor should the fact that a sister was born in the wrong body for her.

* I'm amazed at how oblivious people are to their own hypocrisy.  I don't care whether you are a politician on the national stage or a mom sitting in a van in the school pick-up line, hypocrisy is unflattering.  Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.  Some people remember what you've done in your own sordid pasts.  Don't even think about climbing up on that pedestal and feigning outrage over the same things you've done.  You will get called on it, and rightfully so.

Enjoy your Saturday.

I'm going to go drink another pot of coffee.

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  1. Get yourself some coffee! :)

    Please call me out when I start ranting without good cause.:) For the record I do have this disclaimer on my blog page:

    "Ideas and opinions evolve over time which means an opinion on a Monday might be different from an opinion on a Friday. Any inconsistencies should not be viewed as an intentional breach of contract (especially since we have no contract…you came here by choice, not coercion, right?). Instead accept the content irregularities as proof that learning about anything, including how to wear a dress, requires one to be open to new ideas and accepting of new conclusions. Therefore the author reserves the right to be a fickle girl and change her mind from time to time, sometimes without even offering an explanation."


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