Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've been grounded again, brought back down to Earth.


Though it sometimes seems that everything in my life is going wrong, I know that it isn't.  I know that I have much to be grateful for, and that when I'm feeling like things are spiraling out of control, I have to reach out and hang on to the sturdy foundations of my life.  

I need to be ever conscious of the terrifying reality that every single thing in our lives can change in a heartbeat.  From one moment to the next, we can be brought to our knees.

This morning, I'm grateful for the chance to be getting ready for my little girl's birthday party.

Though my energies are here, a piece of my heart today belongs to a friend.  To her family.  To her little boy, bravely engaged in the fight of his life.

Breathe.  Just breathe.

The lessons to be learned in life never cease.  The one I've been taught today is this:

Celebrate every moment, especially the everyday ones.  

We have no comprehension of how vital they are until they are stolen from us.

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