Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Joys of Motherhood

I'm having a really hard time coming up with any topic to write about that doesn't piss me off this morning.

Not that I'm surprised.

I've been in a bad mood for a while now, and a lot of things are pissing me off in life.

I'm also very annoyed that my kids like to systematically destroy the house on a daily basis, then act like I'm the worst mom in the history of the universe when I make them clean up their own messes.

I know I'm not the only one, but dammit, there are days where it's apparent that no one else in this house does anything.  

I've attempted going on strike in the past, just to prove to the members of my family how little they do, and it's failed every time. The dishes piled up on every square inch of the counters in the kitchen bother me before anyone else even sees it.  No one thinks about folding the socks, people just start leaving the house without them.

The experiment backfired because I went insane and just cleaned it all up.

Like I always do.
Sometimes, we all feel this way inside, honest.
I was actually told by someone (who will remain nameless for their sake) that I didn't ever allow myself to see the negative aspects of having kids.

Ironic, given the fact that I'm far more often accused of being a pessimist than any sort of optimist.


I don't see the negatives?

I don't unclog the toilets and scrub the stains on the carpet?

I don't bet barfed on and sneezed on constantly?

I don't have to budget the grocery shopping and make menus and feed all these people all the time?

I don't have to shuttle every person to every place they have to go, on time, every single day?

I don't have to drag the kids out of bed in the morning and somehow get them dressed, fed and to school on time even though they are miserable small humans in the morning?

I haven't been the one holding a screaming colicky baby for hours at a time or the one holding them in the operating room as they were put under anesthesia?

I haven't been the one restraining the screamer when she needs shots?

I haven't been the one who picks up a hyperventilating child from school and sits and holds her until she can tell me why?

I don't need to see the negatives.  I live it.


I just choose to push all that aside almost all the time and love my kids because I love them.  I choose not see them as a burden.  I choose not to define them by what they take away from me.

That does not make me delusional.

It makes me a mom.

Unfortunately, this mom has a house full of mess to clean up today.

And she needs coffee.  Stat.

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  1. The end is beautiful, Kelly! "I choose not to define them by what they take away from me."
    Mothers and Fathers really are compelled into self-donation and self-sacrifice (the ratio depends on so much). It wasn't until I became a mother that I truly comprehended this as reality. Like you said, children are not a burden. I am simply adjusting to this life style. Just as much as our son is learning from us, we are learning from him and for him.


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