Sunday, February 26, 2012

Damn You, Autocorrect

I give my brother crap all the time about his phone and it's propensity to auto-correct him constantly.

Half the time, I have to take a second and try to figure out what his texts may be about.  Sometimes I have to outright ask for a translation.  

One of the messages he's sent me more that once read "what the duck"?

You know I reply with "quack", right?

Anyway, all that teasing I do was bound to come back and bite me in the ass one day.  And it did.  Last night.

During my daughter's party, one of the girls came running up to me to tell me that the kitten had escaped from our room, and had touched her, and she was allergic.

I texted her mom a message that started with this:

Hey...So our kitten got out and rubbed against her Lehman....

I was so busy writing the rest of the text that I missed the error until I hit send.

Of course, I immediately sent another message.

Seriously, autocorrect??????
Rubbed up against her Lehman?!?!?!
I meant her leg.  Her LEG.  LOL

You don't want cats rubbing up against your Lehman.  Trust me.

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