Thursday, February 2, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 28

Day 28:  Target or Wal*Mart?

No, I'm not even entertaining the other possible options.  KMart is rapidly approaching extinction, and most of the other stores of this nature are regional.  

I'm also not even entertaining the possibility that there is more than one correct answer to this question, at least for myself.


All the way, baby.

I was just there, actually.

I go to WalMart only out of necessity.  There are a few things that you really can only get there, like the filters for our old aquarium.  And some stuff is just so much cheaper there that it's hard to rationalize going other places, like fabric.  Other than that, though....I try to avoid the place as much as I try to avoid the plague.

Because, well, if there is a plague coming, you know it's getting spread around by WalMartians.  

WalMartians = the people of WalMart.  You know they aren't normal.

There is an entire website devoted to the weirdness of WalMart.  I'm really not making this up.

When the Target here closed for a few months while they were converting it to a SuperTarget, you know my pretentious ass drove to other cities to go to Targets rather than hit Wally World, right?


  1. Target! I actually have to go there in a few! I think I am a Target snob.

  2. My family has been supporting Wal-Mart since I was a baby. I grew up in southern Missouri, close to Arkansas, which I believe was the birth place of Wal-Mart. Drives me nuts that they've gotten such a bad rap. Wal-Mart has absolutely served a purpose and Sam Walton and his team were flippin geniuses. That being said, Target's always the first place I stop for Christmas. See, I'm non-discriminatory.
    Amber Marsolek


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