Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 27

Clearly, these are the kind of questions I need to be asking.  They elicit a far more impressive response than my deep, thought provoking philosophical ones.

Besides, it's too early for deep thoughts.

So, here you go.

Another question of literally no significance, which I'm sure you all have a firm answer on.

Day 27: Coke or Pepsi?

For me?  This isn't even a question.

The only version of Pepsi I can stand is Pepsi Max.  And that's only when I'm desperate.

Coke, all the way.

I have this thing for it, you see.

I'm pretty sure they still infuse all Coke products with cocaine.  That stuff is freaking addictive.   

I try to limit myself to one Diet Coke a day.  It has to be stored in the basement, purely as a deterrent.  I have to think twice about my soda consumption if I have to go downstairs to get it. 

And the regular, full octane Coke?  God bless America.  

I stay away from it intentionally because it's so bad for me.  And because I like it a lot.  For reals.  I seriously like it a lot.  

So much that I was, in a sick way, glad that I got food poisoning this week.  It wasn't my fault that my stomach was upset.  The only thing that will settle it when it's that bad is a huge bubbly Coke, preferably with the little tiny crushed ice balls of awesome from Sonic.  

My mother in law got me a bottle of Coke for Christmas.  She gets my crazy.  It's mine.  Allllllll mine.  

Don't even think about touching it.

I will cut you.

I'm saving it for a rainy day.

Or when I need to go on a bender. 

Either way.


  1. There's something so sweet about the phrase "I will cut you". I can't count the times someone has said that to me. Brings back fond memories... =)

    Growing up, I was a Pepsi child. "Pop" in Ohio was always Pepsi. Then I started drinking...and only Coke works with everything and helps cure a hangover. Pepsi is too sweet for whiskey, and once I moved to Atlanta, nothing else existed. If asking for a soda, it's gotta be a Coke.

  2. I like diet pepsi. I haven't had a coke since I was a kid and my Uncle showed me how it cleaned his truck engin!


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