Thursday, January 12, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 9

Day 9: When is the last time you won a trophy, and for what?

I'm gonna guess no one is this awesome who's reading
Of course, when I thought about this question, I was thinking about a trophy my husband won almost 20 years ago...not remembering that he won something else last year.  They're both pretty funny actually.  The one I was thinking about is a golden spatula award, given to him when we worked at McDonald's in high school with a bunch of friends.  You all know who you are....I won't be outing you.  ;) 

More recently, he won a toilet trophy for coming in last in his fantasy football league.

As for last one came all the way back in junior high.  I'm not athletic in any way, shape or you know it has to be for something else.  


Hell, yeah.


  1. First, and only. I was eleven. A Monologue from The Children's Hour at Chad Micu Productions. Huge audience, in L.A., lapel mic, scared as hell. But I won :)

    1. It says "Unknown" but I wrote this above, Gretchen Dennis

  2. I won a Halloween costume contest at a grange hall in Robertsville, Ohio when I was 3...and I was in the paper. I'll have to scan that picture in as it was in the local paper. I was the awesomest hobo ever. But no trophy. Maybe a ribbon?

  3. Let's see. Trophies. I got one once for "participation" in softball. And by participation they meant "finally stayed on the field and moved TOWARD the ball when it was hit." I did get a trophy in high school for finishing 3rd in the CIF swimming championships. 100m backstroke, baby! Other than that I have no trophies. I do have a few plaques from being a tee-ball and a soccer coach/team mom, and a ribbon for "most improved" equestrian from Girl Scout Camp in 1982. And, again, by most improved they meant "finally got on the horse!" :)

  4. Fantasy football win, baby ;) Before speech and debate...all donated to goodwill.


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