Tuesday, January 10, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 7

Day 7: What is the most stereotypical thing you've ever done?

I have a few of these gems set aside for this challenge....questions that are supposed to make you uncomfortable.

Not even sure where I came up with this one.

Each and every one of us fit into certain categories.  Gender, race, ethnicity, religion, family background, region of the country we live in, etc.

All of those categories come with some pre-conceived notions. Sweeping generalizations. Whether they are true, false, or somewhere in the middle for any one person, doesn't really matter.

Stereotypes are very rarely flattering, and are often used to judge other people about things they have no control over.  They are patently unfair.


Every once in a while I think we all do things that lend some credibility to the stereotypes.  Most people don't have to ask where I'm from if they hear me talk long enough.  I'll throw a dude in there somewhere.  Or totally.  I've worked on trying to say like less.  I'm a valley girl, born and raised.

Can't deny it.

Probably the most stereotypical thing I've ever done though, has nothing to do with the place I was born.  It has to do with the color of my skin.

I once sat in the pouring rain for hours with a homemade poncho.  If you're familiar with the kind, I'm sorry.  If you're not, let me describe it for you.  Literal white trash.  Two yard waste sized trash bags, one up from the bottom, one with a few holes poked through it and over the top.  As if it's not bad enough that I sat there in the rain in two trash bags, it's why I was there that is the real issue.

Monster trucks.  I love me some Gravedigger.
Oops, my white is showing.

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