Sunday, January 8, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 5

Day 5:  If you could clone yourself, would you?  What would you make the clone do?

In fairness, I did warn you all that these were going to be strange questions.

Don't ask where I came up with them....or why.  I'm weird like that.  No one wants to know what really goes on inside my head.

I'd totally clone myself in a heartbeat, as long as I could shackle the clone in my basement when I don't need it to do something.  Lord knows the world doesn't need two of me running around any more than necessary.

The only thing more terrifying than two of me is four of me.
I'm sure that part of why this question is appealing to me is my reality.  There have been plenty of times that my life would just have been easier if there were a few of me.  If I really could be in two places at once.  All the times that there were at least two situations that required my attention, and there was no way for me to be there.

Of course, part of it is also the fact that there are a whole lot of things that I'd rather not do.  Having someone else around to force to do those things for me would be great.

Like scrubbing toilets and cleaning up barf.  Gross.  You're totally on the hook for that, clone.

Or dealing with all the people in the world that I can't stand.  The ones that pop up on your caller ID and you cringe because you know that you can't avoid talking to them anymore.  The ones that try to talk to you and clearly think you are friends when honestly you want to duck and run when you see them.  Go take care of that, cloney clone.

It would be handy to have someone around to make dinner on the days that I'm just done too.  Especially if I could force them to clean up too.  Ha!

Dammit, now I really want a clone.

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