Saturday, January 7, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 4

Okay, so some of these are actually intended to be thought provoking.  I was actually talking to one of the other moms at school about this very thing yesterday...

Day 4: If you had it to do over again, would you have majored in the same thing in college/gone into the same career?

It's probably fairly obvious to anyone who reads this that I'd like a do-over.  I've never, and I mean absolutely never, used my undergraduate degree in Public Policy and Management.  I was good at it, not that it matters a whole lot now.  

My minor was where my true career aspirations were, in Bioethics.  Someday, I was going to be awesome.  I had dreams of sitting on advisory committees for the NIH and CDC.  Ask me how that worked out.

I used the background in Bioethics a bit more, mostly in the development of my purported career.  I went to law school, focusing on health law.  Then started (and was three units from finishing) a master's in public health.  Then we moved, and any plans I had for a career in that field pretty much evaporated.

By then, I already knew that I was never sitting on any committee and that I was just desperately trying to swim after a ship that had long ago sailed.

If I had it to do over again, I'd go back in time and tell my 22 year old self to bite the bullet and drop out of law school entirely.  Every single thing in my life changed the day my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and if I'd known what the future would hold, I would have cut my losses and quit school in a heartbeat.

After dealing with the cancer diagnosis, a miscarriage, infertility and eventually the birth of my son, I knew that my family was always going to be more important than whatever I'd imagined for myself before then.  I just wish I'd had the good sense to stop grasping at the straws of my career then.

At this point, I'd much rather pursue a career in writing...which you've probably also figured out by now.

Too bad there aren't do-overs in life.


  1. Something few people know about me...I wanted to be a Biomedical Engineer. I love art, but I love health/medicine stuff too. I'm always studying nutrition, anatomy, pharmaceuticals, and so on, but I was pushed toward art because "that's what you're good at. It will be easier for you". Thanks parents, for your whole-hearted support and faith in me. :\

    Either that or an astronaut. =)

  2. I've loved my path so far (my Bachelor's is in environmental science with a concentration in wildlife ecology and I'm pursuing my master's in biology), but I do sometimes look at the job pool and the average salaries of people with similar education levels and wish I'd gone into psychiatry. Haha. We'll see if I can find a job I love after graduation... That will probably decide if I wish I could redo it all.

  3. I wish I knew what I did now. I wish I could grasp the importance of my education and not have been so concerned about all the.other stuff. Yes, it was good for me to have new friends but I wish that would have been not as important. Also, I would have liked better counseling on what I would excel in and help in those areas. I am good in languages but didn't have the best profs, etc. I definitely would not trade what happened after university. Though, I would want to have had therapy then. So much would be better.


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