Friday, January 6, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 3

Ok, so I warned you guys that I was just making this up.  And that some of these questions were going to be weird.

Day 3: If you had a sex change tomorrow, what would you change your name to?  
Please ignore the questions of whether you'd ever choose to have a sex change, or whether transgender issues are something you relate to, or whether you agree that a person can be born in the wrong body....that's not what I'm asking.

It's just a name, people.

I've seen these questions where they ask if you'd change your name to something else, but never with this particular slant.

If I'm not making you cringe a little, I've failed at doing my job. ;)

As for me, if I woke up a nameless man tomorrow, I think my name would be Dylan.

Dylans are always cool.


  1. Every Dylan I've ever known has always been hilarious, either intentionally or by accident. I think it'd suit you. Not sure how your hubby would feel... Haha.

  2. I'd be a Jesse, or James. Something with a J I think. =)

  3. Augustine, Benedikt (I know that's my son's name) or Dominic I can't really think much more, it hurts...I just medicated my migraine...


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