Friday, January 27, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 22

Day 22: If you could go back to ONE day in your life and re-live it (without changing anything), what day would it be and why?

I think a lot of people would go back to the day they became a parent for the first time (assuming of course that you were reliving the day without the pain of labor). I wouldn't.

Though it was an amazing day in my life, and may be one of the most pivotal, I wouldn't ever want to go back there. It was terrifying and scary, my baby was born too soon and we were afraid we might lose him. I was powerless. If I never felt that way about one of my children ever again, I would be eternally grateful.

There are certainly other great days in my past. The day my second child was born was one of them. Graduation days, others. The vivid childhood memories of the good times. I'd be afraid, though, that like everything it seems, my memory has chosen just to remember the good portions and discard all the rest.  That even those days weren't as great as I remember them to be now.

Though my answer might surprise a few of you out there, I'd want to go back to the day I got married.

Back to the day before life got complicated.  Before cancer and children and crises and choices changed everything.

There were a few things that went wrong that day, for sure. The cake was atrocious, we ended up one bouquet short (not a good thing when you've already yelled at the bridesmaid who happened to get to the church last), my brother in law ripped his pants just before walking down the aisle, my maid of honor tripped on her way down, and someone (who I know who did it, but will never admit fault, I'm afraid) completely trashed the bathroom.

No one noticed most of that stuff, though.  

What people did see was something else entirely.  

A man walking his only daughter down the aisle, struggling to let her go at the end.

A groom who had never been more sure of anything in his life.

A bride in the horse drawn carriage she'd always dreamed of.


A first one, at that.

The kind of love that they write books about.

It was perfect.  

It was new and unblemished. It was unyielding and constant. It was pure and it was truly amazing.

And I'd give more than you know to get that feeling back, even if it was only just for one day.

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