Wednesday, January 25, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 20

Day 20: What is something people wouldn't expect you to be good at? What's your hidden talent?

Part of the awesomeness that is me is that I have bad knees. Really bad knees. They've been bad for a long time. I had surgery at 14, and am about 10 years overdue for a repeat.

Back when I was in school, and PE was actually a daily requirement (which it totally should still be), I couldn't participate in a lot of the activities because of my knees.

I am a gimp.

I never minded having to sit out on the days when my classmates had to run hurdles. Good lord, those things terrify me. I've never understood why someone felt compelled to jump over shit while running, or why that idea caught on. I gladly kept times on those days and stifled my laughter at the girls who tripped over the hurdles, all while thanking god for my gimpiness.

For the record, this is me:

Sadly, I do like to run. I just shouldn't ever do it. And I'm terrible.

Eventually, my doctors and parents and PE teachers decided that I shouldn't even be in the regular PE class anymore, and moved me to adaptive PE.

While everyone else ran the mile on Fridays, we played poker. We did crafts. We bowled occasionally. We had hour long relaxation sessions, where our teacher would play soothing music and the guy in the corner would fart loud enough for everyone to hear.

And we juggled.

Yes, we juggled.

I was actually really good at it too. I think I got up to 10 pins at a time.

It's good to know I can always join the circus.

Everyone should have a fall-back career.


  1. That's awesome! My dad and Josh are both good jugglers, but I am awful. I can't keep three balls going.

  2. Motorcycle riding. Been riding ATC's and ATV's since I was two years old. Yup.


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