Sunday, January 22, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 17

Day 17:  Do you have any food aversions?

I have issues.  I fully admit the fact that I have issues.

My youngest child mashed a banana all over my kitchen floor today with his feet.  It took everything in me not to throw up.

I like bananas, but can only tolerate them just to the point of ripeness.  The second they become even slightly overripe, I cringe.  It's a texture thing.  Blech.

When I use overripe bananas to make bread or smoothies or muffins, it takes everything I have to peel them.  Seriously.

My biggest aversion, though, is beets.  Beets.Are.Gross.

I have friends here who swear that beets are delicious.  Who grow them in their gardens and grill them and have dedicated recipes and all that.  I'm happy for them, really I am....but keep your beets to your damn self.

They contaminate everything they touch too.  If I am out somewhere and beets are put on top of a salad, I carefully remove them and every single thing that shows a hint of pink from where it may have been touched.



  1. too many to mention, the TOP of my list though.. MUSHROOMS! talk about BLECH

  2. bananas...funny, especially that. Mine is wet bread. It doesn't make sense, I know...bread is supposed to be moist yet firm, a bounce with air pockets. Why dip it in anything wet?? And why put it in a baggie that will inevitably trap moisture, thus rendering the bread...WET. Igg...Cant. Deal. With. Wet. Bread. Au Jus has no place in my home... Ever.


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