Thursday, January 19, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 15

Day 15:  What was your worst job?

I've had a few that sucked, that's for sure. Not entirely loving this motherhood job at the moment. My kids are walking petri dishes, waiting to slime me with their diseased snot, I swear.

I've got the flu, and I'm a little bitter about it if you couldn't tell.

Anyway, back to the question.

I had a job that was menial and boring in college, but with a boss from hell.  Seriously, she was nuts. Crazy. One of those people who never got married or had kids or pets or friends and literally had nothing to do with her life than work. People like that expect that everyone else who works with them also have completely unfulfilling lives and will willingly work bizarre hours. That wasn't the worst part about her though. She asked me to do some illegal and unethical stuff, and I refused. She got pissed. I got fired. Fortunately, I already had another job lined up with a couple of women I absolutely adored. So, that worked out.

Wasn't the worst though.

I think the worst one has to be McDonald's. Though I had a ridiculously good time at work since a bunch of my friends worked there too, it was easily the crappiest job I've ever had.
I opened or closed most weekends, so I was up at 5am or working until 1am for a few cents more than minimum wage.  Completely not worth it.

You'd come home smelling like grease. And it was a smell that just didn't always wash off. Plus, the inside of your car always smelled like it too.

Customers were rude, especially in the morning. I can understand though. You don't want to see me before I've had my coffee either.

Cleaning the play area was nasty. You literally took your life in your own hands if you got in that ball pit.

I worked the birthday parties. I got to deal with groups of whiny children and their parents all weekend. Some groups were nice, some were obnoxious, some were just downright exhausting. I had a party once, where every single person there, parents and kids, were profoundly deaf. There was one 4 year old who could hear, but no one else could. Communicating was virtually impossible, and the party ended up lasting almost four hours when it should have been two. I was patient and kind to them, did everything in my power to fill their needs. I didn't even get a tip that day.

At least they were quiet.

Oh, seriously,'s a joke. 


  1. I'm rotfl about your last comments. Heehee! At least they were quiet! Worst job...baking bread in the monastery. Bread baking was an art of sorts. I had to do it on a specific schedule, while I was doing many other things. The bread was a special recipe, had to rise twice, etc. I was making at least a dozen loaves at once. While I'm ranting...I also had to do my own dishes (there were plenty, even if I tried to only use the bare minimum). This was supposed to be prayerful and all that. Yeah, right. Maybe someone else found it so but hard to imagine when you're always running back and forth. Oh and no running, hurrying or any of the kind. We were supposed to be quiet and creating a prayerful environment. LOL Still, I really was happy there. I just accepted the bread making as my special penance and never said anything. One of the hardest things not to complain...........I couldn't ask for a change in work because it was given to me specifically. All the nuns were given a charge of work every three years. No one asked to have something changed, unless there was a health problem. Sure, there's so much worse out there. This was just my worst.

  2. I worked at a truck stop joint in Ohio...Since I helped bring sides to the tables occasionally (I was the hostess/cashier) I had to learn the "way it works" in the "kitchen". If there's mold on the top layer of cottage cheese or slaw (both in giant plastic generic tubs roughly 5 gallon in size), just scrape it off. Saves money. That didn't last long.


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