Saturday, January 14, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 11

Only because of the game tonight.....

Day 11: Who is more perfect: Tom Brady or Tim Tebow?

You'd think, just based on the level of news coverage or internet traffic this week, something far more significant than a football game is happening tonight.

But no.

It's just a game, people.

It's also a reason for my brother and I to talk smack all day.

He has an affection for the Patriots.  I'm not sure why, to be honest.  He's not from Boston, in fact I'm not even sure he's ever been there.  Yet, he's loyal to the Patriots and the Red Sox.  And he really likes baked beans.

I give my brother crap all the time about Brady, the golden child of the NFL.  Last year, when Brady was growing his hair out, I coined the nickname Lady Brady.  Seriously, dude has Breck girl hair.  Those flowing blond curls really are magnificent.   Which makes sense.  Of course he has perfect hair.  He has perfect everything.  The perfect skills, the perfect body, the perfect personality, the perfect wife (who likes to rub in the fact that she is also perfect constantly, even if it insults all the normal mothers in the world).

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

I mean, well except for losing to the Jets in the first game of the playoffs last year.  Good lord, I love Mark Sanchez.

Mr. Perfect has some competition now.  And not just in terms of his overall perfection on the field.  There's a new golden boy, and he's leading the Broncos now.  This new Mr. Perfect even has Jesus on his side.

Tim Tebow.

The only guy who could possibly dominate all the news coverage over Brady.  The unlikely hero.  The one who has spent all season proving the naysayers wrong.  The guy who really can pull the game out in the final seconds.  The guy who can't throw a spiral to save his life, but somehow completed all those long passes last week to beat the Steelers.

I don't understand it.  They shouldn't be winning.  And yet they are.  It must be divine intervention.  How else can it be explained?

We watched a special about Tebow last night.  Not on purpose so much....there just isn't a whole lot else on TV this week in Denver.  Seriously.  Tebow 24/7 around here.  You people in other parts of the country think you are tired of hearing about him?  Try living here.

He really is a good guy, and he's a ridiculously hard worker.  He's always in a good mood, always grateful for what he's got going on.  He just oozes positive energy.  He's humble, he's always smiling, and right now, he's on top of the world.

Tonight, they meet again, the Mr. Perfects.  The Golden Boys.

Who will win?  I honestly stopped trying to predict the outcomes of the games after all the unlikely 4th quarter  victories.  Tebow has taken football and turned it into basketball.  You've only got to watch the last few minutes, the rest of the game doesn't matter anymore.

And tonight, I'll be watching.

It's not often that so much perfection is on display.

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