Friday, January 13, 2012

30 Days of Random Questions, Day 10

Day 10:  Ever broken a bone?  Where and how?
Of course I'd ask this question, after the year we've had.

As for me, I've never broken a major bone.  Which is good.  It grosses me out.

I've broken toes though, and can tell you first hand that it's a pain you can only fathom if you've done it.  They can't set toes, there's no cast, and you have no choice but to walk on them.  I've done natural childbirth more than once....the toes hurt more.

I don't even have good stories to go with my injuries.

The last time I broke one, I had help.  Ashley dropped a chair on my toe while she was in the middle of throwing a fit.

Being a mom sure is awesome sometimes.

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  1. I've broken my ankle, the growth plate in my foot, my hand, wrist, and arm, and several toes. Toes hurt worst of all of it. When I'm closer to my due date, you should remind me to compare natural labor to broken toes. Haha.


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