Friday, December 2, 2011

That like never happens

I was going to write about the photo ad controversy today, but then I didn't.  I will sometime soon, I'm just completely preoccupied today.

I have a date with my husband tonight.  Sort-of.

We have to go to his company's holiday party.  Not normally my kind of thing, and not even really tonight.  If nothing else though, it's an excuse to get dressed up and go to a fancy hotel and eat tiny little appetizers.

I went out looking for a dress earlier this week and had no luck.  At all.

Went back out today and came home with a few things that may or may not work with stuff I already have.  I opted to pass on the ridiculously cute sweater that made my boobs appear twice as large as they actually are.

Have a feeling my husband might be sending me back out to the store to snatch that on up once he reads this.

I hate shopping for clothes.  Nothing ever fits me right.  The top I liked the most was about 6 inches longer than it should have been to look right on me.  Who has a body shaped that way?

Shoes, though...I could shop for shoes all day long. ;)

Wish me luck....I'm off to raid my own closet.  And pack.

We're staying the night too.  Alone.  With no children.  For the whole night.

That like never happens.


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  1. So glad you two are getting a night out! Hope you enjoy it!

    I wish I could find a sweater that made my boobs look bigger. Unfortunately, flat-chestedness times two still equals flat-chestedness. Sigh. Thank goodness for pregnancy boobs, ha!


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