Monday, December 26, 2011

The story I can finally tell

Okay, so there are only about a million really freaking good stories that I haven't written about.   I'm totally holding out on you people.  Maybe someday I'll get there.  ;)

There is this one that I can share officially now because the gift has been given as of yesterday morning.

We got a Kindle Fire for the family.  And it's pretty awesome.

It was delivered over a month ago, and my dear husband just couldn't fight the irresistible urge to remove it from it's packaging and check it out.  Of course, he invented all kinds of legitimate reasons why he had to.

- It needed charged.  
- He needed to figure out how to use it to help the kids.
- He had to set it up with our online accounts so that the music, movies and books we already have purchased on the cloud appeared on it.

Here's what really happened.

He did charge it that first time.  And then about 5 or 6 times at least after that.

He figured out how to use it, but he also loaded it up with all kinds of apps that the kids might never actually use.  And he played Angry Birds.  A lot.

It got the the point where I knew what he was up to when he would announce he had to go to the bathroom.  Code for I'm going to go hide in a small stinky room and play with my I mean the kids' new toy.

He'd be gone well over an hour at times.

I'd have all kinds of messages in my inbox while he was gone, telling me how awesome this new thing was.

He even posted on his Facebook page that he adored his his kids' new Kindle.

It got to the point where he was spending as much time in the bathroom as he was with the rest of us.  Finally, I had to intervene when he asked me what could be wrong with his legs one day.  They were all numb and tingly and weird feeling and he had no idea why.


Might be the hours of toilet sitting, honey.

He then declared that he'd mastered the device that morning and tucked it away where it was supposed to be.  Away from the kids.  All 5 of them, big one included.

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  1. LOL! That's awesome! The year we got our kids a Wii for Christmas, we set it up in our bedroom and played it almost every night after they went to bed until just a day or two before Christmas :)


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