Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Out Laws

I can honestly say that I adore my in-laws.  Really, I do.  I'm not one of those kind of people to pretty things up and make nice anyway, so you know that my feelings have to be genuine.

And they are.

This isn't to say that there has never been conflict among us, of course there has been.  It's human nature to disagree about things from time to time.  We always have, and we probably always will, have things we don't see eye to eye on.

And that's okay.

What's more important is that over the years, they've become a part of my family.  They aren't just my husband's parents, they are mine too now.  I find myself leaning on them, relying on them, needing them.

They've been the help I need, whether I've been here or not.  They've been allies when I needed someone in my corner.  They've been the kick in the ass I needed recently.  They've been willing emergency contacts for my exceedingly accident prone family....and that alone deserves recognition.

About this time last week, my mother-in-law was at a crossroads.  She had a decision to make, and she had to make it in a hurry.  There was no way she could be in two places at once.  People in two places far away from one another needed her, and she was torn.

This time, she looked to me for advice, knowing that I'd been in that place she was in too many times to count in the last few years.  I simply told her that she had to go where her heart told her, and that everything else would be okay.  Everything that had to get done would.  Those of us here would fill in the gaps.

She went, and she's exactly where she needed to be.

On Christmas Eve, I missed her as we opened gifts.  She was here though.  And it's becoming more and more clear just how well she knows me.

Who else would know that I wanted:

- A giant bottle of full octane Coke, with a shiny red holiday label?  It's mine, all mine.

- A package of New Years Eve goodies, not so much to celebrate the New Year as to show this one the door?

- A package of chocolate just for me, already hidden from the kids?

- A labeler?!?!?!  Hell yeah!!!!!

She totally gets my crazy.

And my father-in-law.....where to start?  My youngest child looks up to him so much that one of the things he wanted for Christmas was a moustache so he could look like Papa.

He's hanging out locally for the time being, not really sure what the future holds.  He offered to cook the turkey for Christmas dinner.  I asked him if he was sure, since he'd never in his life been the one in charge of the turkey.

He checked which pizza places were open just in case, then said he wanted to do it.  He even said he would make gravy.

And the turkey was delicious, even if it was cooked upside down.

He is in his workshop finishing up my other gift today, handmade Adirondack chairs.  Told you he is awesome.

Most of us only ever get one set of parents in this life.  I'm lucky I got a bonus set.

Love you guys.


  1. I love love love my in-laws too.

  2. So sweet! How wonderful that you have such great in-laws. I'm totally jealous that you get Adirondack chairs!

  3. Great post, Kelly! My in-laws are continents away but they are treasures!


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