Saturday, December 31, 2011

My year in snorts

If you're sitting around with nothing to do tonight, you've got company.  Here's something to keep you busy.  You. Are. Welcome.

Here are some of my favorite funny posts from this year.  Enjoy!

disobedient nuts - because testicles are funny.

terror on the interstate - full blown freak out.

when you have boys, I and II - anyone with a son will understand.

12 ounces of sweet redemption - chocolate jesus.  enough said.

mommy needs a drink - a list of reasons, if you need some.

stop cleaning this instant! - i heart religious zealots.

lotion girl - i had to wash my eyeballs.

little pieces of joy - fucking with my neighbor since 2005.

a strange birthday request - naked bea arthur.  you know you want to look.

things we learned at dinner last night - chicken nipples.

do you see it? - public humiliation of children, always a good time.

i got balls, how bout you? - meaty sexual innuendo.

i wanna go! - when your baby asks to go to a bar, you really should take them.

friday fashion tips -'s.department.

oh crap, i'm not packed yet - the world that didn't end, so you can read this again.

rawr - scaring my son for years.

brace yourselves - and why can't we set up a bar in the parking lot?  it's a legitimate question.

like it's 1999 - we may only have 355 days left.  drink up, bitches!

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