Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Ellen

I have way too much to do today, largely a result of my apathy the last few weeks.  Well, that, and I'm just a procrastinator anyway by nature.

You'd think I would learn eventually, but no.

The vegetables are sauteing for the stuffing right now, the bread drying.  I have two pies to make, banana bread and coffee cake to bake for the morning.  About six loads of laundry that may or may not get finished.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is wrapped.  I still have one gift to pick up, thanks to the underground hair products black market of Longmont, Colorado.  Somehow, I forgot to get potatoes at the store.  My house is a mess, and I'm sitting here ignoring it all for a few more moments.

My mother in law left in a hurry a few days ago, someone else needed her more right now.  Everything that she'd normally be doing will still get done, come hell or high water.  It just won't be the same.

Throw in a dash of family conflict for good measure.  It wouldn't be the holidays without it, right?

This is why Jimmy Fallon's duet with John Rich is my theme song this Christmas season.

Alright, I'm going in.

Wish me luck.

I'd like to survive the next two days.

If my husband is Clark Griswold, that must make me his wife, Ellen.

I don't know what to say, except it's Christmas and we're all in misery.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if there are families that actually have nice Christmases. Ones that don't have fighting, frowning, crying, etc. I hope someday it will be possible sans certain family members. Still have nothing wrapped and it's after 4 p.m. My dad went to SB to get my sister, who was in a terrible car accident Wednesday. Car gone. Guy in truck didn't slow down for freeway construction...It's a true miracle she survived. Will be thinking of you and your family.


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