Saturday, December 10, 2011

I may even be giddy

As I began to survey the damage, I realized how long it's been since I really cleaned my house. 

It's been a while.

I've been spending so much time making sure that the downstairs remains uncluttered lately that I've neglected everything else.  

I never even cleaned out the closets once the seasons switched.  

Every single room is a mess.  Every piece of furniture has something crammed underneath it.  Every closet is full of things that don't belong in there.  The bathrooms are getting scary, and the pile of laundry keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  

The baby gates came down a while ago, but they're going back up.  

It's all getting fixed today, even if I have to bust out my scary mommy voice to get there.

My brother and sister in law are on the way here with their littles, two under the age of two.  I get to meet my baby niece for the first time and squeeze my nephew again.  Riley has been around in spirit though.  That new Capital One commercial completely reminds me of him.  Pretty sure he's got a baby doppelganger out there.  

It's a long drive, one that I've made too many times to even count.  I don't envy the fact that they are doing it this time of year, but am eternally grateful that the weather is cooperating at least so far.  

For those of you who haven't been reading for long, there was a trip about this time last year that could aptly be described as the trip from hell.  We were going that direction to spend my father's last Christmas back home, and to say that it was an adventure is an understatement.  If you've not read that story, check it out here.  It's a cautionary tale.

They are hoping to make it here tonight, but I've made this trip too many times to know that it's a given.  I know how hard it is to travel with small people.  He seems pretty determined, so we'll see.  

It's a good thing it's a long drive, I've got a lot to do...but it's happy cleaning this time.  

Safe drive guys, we'll be waiting.  :)

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