Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm Trying

Really, I am.

I want to hop on board the gratitude bus.

I want to spend a little time every day this month proclaiming my joy at something in my life.   Instead, I'm throwing up sarcasm at every opportunity.  That's just how I roll.

Real gratitude, well it just ain't happening right now.

This month has already been shitty.  This year is epic.

Even today, I've got to figure out a way to get to the hospital while simultaneously taking care of three of my four kids home.

One is recovering from surgery, the other two are barfing.  Which is awesome.

I am not enjoying my role in the middle of the generation sandwich right now.

We ran out of beer last night.  This is terrible news, I have to tell you.

Right now, I'm grateful for a few things though.

Like the fact that I have more than one huge bowl in my kitchen, just in case more than one kid is actively barfing.

Like the fact that my husband programmed the coffee maker last night.

Like the fact that I already bought a new bottle of carpet cleaner, just in case I need it today.

Like the fact that I have a handful of friends who totally get why I'm so unreliable right now.

Like the fact that I've survived the last four months, and have done it without ending up on the news.

That last one, it's legitimate, I swear.

There have been times I wasn't so sure.  The fact that I've avoided it is something I am pretty proud of.

Here's to making it through the next four.

Preferably without news coverage.

May your Monday suck less than mine.


  1. Girl you put into words what i feel in my heart. Here's to sucking less.

  2. Ugh. Surgery AND vomit? You poor thing. Thinking of you and hoping your Tuesday is epically better than Monday.


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