Friday, November 4, 2011

Here's Your Sign

I'm showing my whiteness today.  Haha.  Maybe someday I'll write about all the proudest moments of my upbringing, the ones associated with shooting beer cans in the desert, sitting in trash bags in the pouring rain to watch monster trucks and the like.  Maybe.

Told you my white was showing.  ;)

My Dad liked to laugh.  A lot.  Often at completely inappropriate things.  You all now know where I get that from.

When the Blue Collar Comedy Tour came out, it was like his dreams come true.  He watched every one of their specials, quoted the comedians, all that.  Loved it.  Though most people associate Jeff Foxworthy with the tour, I'd have to say that Dad was the most partial to Bill Engvall.

Then again, the first thing he wanted to do when he came to visit us here for the first time was to head to Mecca. His Mecca.  The Coors Brewery, tucked in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  You know, so they can "tap the Rockies" and make Silver Bullets.

So my Dad was thinner, but this really isn't all that
far off from what he looked like in the early 80s.
I swear you could hear angels singing as we rounded the corner and the giant complex came into view the first time.  He was a happy, happy man that day.
My Dad and Aidan at Coors, 2005

My Dad.  He enjoyed the simple things in life.  You have to appreciate that.

Anyway, I was thinking about him today.  I saw something and his voice was immediately in my head quoting Bill Engvall, telling me, "here's your sign".

What I saw was this:
If ever there was a time in my life when I needed to heed the wise words of this sign, it's now.  Put your head down, get in it, get through it.  And try not to freak out completely.

Here's my sign.

Now, I just need to shut up and listen to my father.

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