Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bow Worthy

I'm not in the Christmas spirit.

I may get there at some point, but I don't anticipate it being anytime in the immediate future.  Unless someone makes me sit through watching The Polar Express.  Damn that movie, gets me every time.

I even put up all the decorations, but I'm just not feeling it.

The Christmas songs have taken over the airwaves of a few local radio stations, and I flip right on past every time.

You know what irks me the most though?  What seriously makes me roll my eyes and want to scream every single time I see them?

Those stupid ass Lexus commercials.

You know the ones.  The December to Remember Event crap.

Now, apologies in advance to those of you out there who drive Lexuses.  Or know people who do.  Or care about me offending people about a commercial in the first place.

These commercials make me hate Lexus owners.  

Especially the ones who just got a car for Christmas one day.

Really, we all know you are rich.  We get it.  But do you really have to remind us in 15 minute increments?   Tell all the rest of the world that no matter how good a gift you get this year, you'll never measure up to this?   Do you really have to have a specially programmed video game made just so you can tell your trophy wife you got her a new car?  Do the bows really have to be that big and ostentatious?

It's the in your face yes, we're really better than you are nature of these commercials that just pisses me off.

Show me a commercial with this in it, and I might get a little car envy.
Sorry, Spence.  I totally pimped your picture.
Now, that is a car worthy of a bow.

Crazy thing is, a Lexus is just a Toyota that got dressed up fancy.  Bet that makes you think about the commercials a little differently, eh?


  1. "A Lexus is just a Toyota that got dressed up fancy." Hehehe, that made me laugh. I hate car commercials, in general. Know what commercials I love? The Allstate Mayhem ones. Seriously, if you're having a bad day, head over to YouTube and search them. The Raccoon, GPS, and Blind Spot ones are my favorites, but the Toddler one is classic, too. I've seen all of them and still laugh every time.

  2. I'm having a hard time, too. Decorations partly up and strewn all over floor. Still not feelin' it.


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