Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apparently my rants are quite popular....

I guess I'll just keep writing them.

So there. 

I know that there are some (okay many) people out there who don't agree with me.  That's fine.  Read or don't, comment or don't, share it or don't.  I'm good either way.  I welcome open discussion.  I post all the comments I get (well, all the ones except phishing scams or blatant advertising) because that's how I roll.

Me = flaming liberal.

The post from yesterday got picked up by BlogHer as a spotlight piece, which is pretty awesome considering I haven't submitted anything to anyone in so long I don't remember when the last time was.

It's taken just about all I have to keep writing here every day with all the stuff going on in my life.  You know, the real stuff that I don't write about because it's hardly as funny as my rants.  That stuff.

Anyhow, since my rants appear to be downright hilarious, I'm just going to keep on keeping on.

I was actually not planning to write about the whole Kardashian debacle yesterday.  I was planning to write about this instead...until the post about the 72 day long sham of a marriage spewed from my fingers.

What is frustrating me in real life is this: people who volunteer to be in charge of things, but don't actually do what they are supposed to.

Who like to take over duties from other people, but never seem to do a better job than the ones who came before them.

Who complain about the way things have been done, but don't make them better.

Who step into leadership roles, but half ass their efforts.

Who don't actually want to do anything, truth be told.

Who just want lots and lots of credit for it.

It particularly annoys me when these people take over things that are important to kids.  Who feign leadership, but walk away the second it gets difficult or complicated.  Who let the kids down.  Who never see the disappointment on the faces of the children, the disappointment there because they didn't try hard enough.

These people need to stop being so preoccupied with patting themselves on the back for all the good they think they are doing, and actually do something.  Either that, or step back and let someone else take over who honestly cares enough to do it better.

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