Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Snarky Prayer Request

Now, before y'all get thinking that I'm actually asking for a legitimate prayer request, stop.  :)

I'm so not that person.  I might ask for good thoughts or good vibes or good juju or whatever, but I rarely ask for prayers.  I'm just not that person.  Don't anticipate ever being.

But I do need all of you to send me whatever you've got for tonight. Seriously.

The girls entered the school's talent show.

I'm thinking the term "talent" is used a little too loosely.

The rehearsal was yesterday, and just because of the way the day went, I ended up sitting through the whole thing.  Because who doesn't want to be subjected to that kind of torture two days in a row?


I have to wonder if our society's everyone is a winner mentality has just gone too far.   Not everyone has a talent, and really....that is okay.  I can juggle, which is something most people can't do I suppose, but I've never felt compelled to show it off to a reluctant crowd before.

Sure, there are handful of acts entered in the show that demonstrate actual abilities and dare I say, talent.  Some that are adorable and make you appreciate the amount of effort they've put into practicing.  Some kids that you know are taking a huge risk by putting it out there.  Then there are the teachers that enter, and for them, a standing round of applause.

I know my ass ain't ever getting up on a stage unless it's a dimly lit karaoke bar, and I've been drinking.  A lot.

I guess my point is that just because you can sing about half the words to some popular radio song (which may or may not be appropriate for little kids to be singing in the first place), doesn't mean you have an actual talent worth showcasing.

And I'm not sure a Ke$ha song warrants interpretive dance.

Wish me strength....it's going to be a long night.

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