Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh crap, I'm not packed yet.

I love religious zealots.

Really, I do.

They are a constant source of entertainment in my life.

Maybe I'm just super jealous because I don't have a direct line to the big guy upstairs and am obviously not privy to all these dates of supreme importance.

In case you didn't know, the world is ending today.


Like it did in May.

Or not.

Yep, same dude.

I'm sure that people who actually believe him will insist that I'm going to burn in hell, be subjected to eternal damnation and all that.  The end of days is here, and only the true believers will ascend.  All that.  Whatever.

I hear they have lovely hand baskets where I am going.  Which is good.  I like purses.

How Harold Camping even has followers at this point is mind boggling to be honest.  He's like the religious equivalent of the really hot weather girls on the TV stations in Southern California.   (Seriously, I'm not kidding....those of you who've lived in So Cal and other parts of the country can vouch for the HUGE difference.)  Enough people are just going to keep watching to see what he does, regardless of whether he's ever right or not.

If the crazy old man wants me to rally behind his beliefs, he's going to have to switch it up a bit.  Stop focusing so much on the end of the world.  Aim lower.  How about just deciding that 2011 is over?  That idea is one that I could get behind.  I might even make obnoxious signs and recruit people.

Hell, I'd paint it on the side of my car if would make it true, drive around all crazy like having people point and stare at the freak with the tricked out minivan.

I'm over this year.  It has sucked from the very first day (even the very first second) all the way clear through to now.  It could end today and I would really be okay with that.

Guess I should start making my signs proclaiming the end of 2011.

On second thought, I'll wait until tomorrow.   No point making signs for my cause just yet.  Harold Camping could be right this time.  Anything is possible, right?  The world is supposed to end today.

And I'm not even packed yet.


  1. You make me laugh in that awesome sacrilegious kind of way ;)I'll be back...if there is a tomorrow.

  2. I'm with ya. I'm okay with the whole world ending thing as long as it's quick. That long suffering thing, not so much.


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