Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a bitch getting old

By now you all know that my husband broke his arm about a week and a half ago riding (okay, really after falling off of) a Ripstik.

Oh, the jokes people have told at his expense.  And the funny questions he has been asked....

Were you over the weight limit?
Did you know how to ride it?
What were you thinking?
Just couldn't be taunted by a child, huh?
Gonna do it again?

He went back to the orthopedist for the second time Friday.  They retook the xrays, took the splint off, and in came the doctor.  He poked and prodded and bent and straightened and turned and twisted.  I could tell the waves of pain induced nausea were hitting Tom all over again.

The good news, he said, is that the bone was in the right place, it appeared to be healing so far just fine.  The bad news....Tom is old now.  Getting old comes with crappy side effects.  In this case, to leave his arm in the splint or cast would allow the bone adequate time to heal properly, but would irreversibly affect his range of motion.

Kids can recover that kind of stuff just fine....but the older you get, the harder it is.  It's a trade off between letting the bone heal and retaining the use of the arm.  Sweet.

Tom walked out of the office in disbelief.  No splint anymore, no protection for the still very broken bone.  And, he has to start using the still very broken arm now.  In the doctor's words, we can give you pain medication, but we can't make your arm work right again once the range of motion is gone.  Welcome to old age.

He's been walking around a little paranoid about the kids running into it now that there is no protection around  it.  Sleeping is complicated again.  And he can already see what the doctor meant.  He's been using the arm again, working on simple things like making fists, bending and straightening his elbow.  It's tight and sore and just doesn't want to do what he tells it to.

He moves a bit like a slow motion robot.

The funniest and weirdest thing is that his hand seems a little bit detached from the rest of his body.  He doesn't have immediate control over it, every move is deliberate and guarded.  The first few days, it was like he was waving around a fake hand on a stick, touching people with a prosthesis instead of an actual hand.  It's a bit creepy, truth be told.
His hand isn't a whole lot different than this one at the moment.

At least it's October, a good month to be carrying around what acts like a fake appendage.

He'll get the full use of his arm back eventually, but it's going to be a while.  The bone won't be healed for another month or so at least.  And it's going to hurt like hell until then.

It's a bitch getting old.

You'd think he learned his lesson, but no.  He can't wait to get back on the board.  Sigh.

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